Orphan Drugs & Rare Diseases books

→ Searching for Magic Bullets: Orphan Drugs, Consumer Activism, and Pharmaceutical Development
by Lisa A Basara and Michael E Montagne
CRC Press, 1994.

→ Rare Diseases and Orphan Products: Accelerating Research and Development
by Committee on Accelerating Rare Diseases Research and Orphan Product Development
National Academies Press, 2010.

→ Rare Diseases Epidemiology
by Manuel Posada de la Paz & Stephen C. Groft (Editors)
Springer, 2010.

→ Rare Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs, 
by Nicolas Sireau
Greenleaf Pubns, 2013

→ Orphan Drugs: Understanding the Rare Disease Market and its Dynamics, 
by Elizabeth Hernberg-Ståhl and Miroslav Reljanović
Woodhead Publishing, 2013

Rare Diseases in the age of Health 2.0, 
by Rajeev K. Bali, Lodewijk Bos, Michael C. Gibbons and Simon Ibell
Springer, 2014

→ The Generic Challenge: Understanding Patents, FDA and Pharmaceutical Life-Cycle Management
by Martin A Voet
Brown Walker Press, 2016

→ Managing discovery in the life sciences
by Philip A. Rea, Mark V. Pauly, Lawton R. Burns (Authors)
Cambridge University Press, 2018

→ Conscience and Courage: How Visionary CEO Henri Termeer Built a Biotech Giant and Pioneered the Rare Disease Industry
by John Hawkins
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2019

→ Economic Dimensions of Personalized and Precision Medicine
by Ernst R. Berndt, Dana P. Goldman, John Rowe (Editors)
University of Chicago Press, 2019

→ Réguler l’accès aux médicaments
by Cyril Benoit
Presses Universitaires de Grenoble, 2020