Angiogenesis inhibitors drug pipeline landscape

This next 2 days, my colleague Andreas Bikfalvi, Prof. of Cell & Molecular Biology, will attend to the 7th congress of the French Association on Angiogenesis (SFA) to be held in Toulouse where he will present our poster on « Angiogenesis inhibitors drug pipeline landscape ». The AI drug pipeline involved more than 460 different firms, overlayed 200 different molecular targets and 200 disease indications with 60 ongoing industry sponsored clinical trials. Despite the clinical success of this therapeutic class in oncology, the industry turns its back on with a steady decrease of new drug R&D projects in preclinical stage.  At the present time, the majority of firms are looking for me-too or generic/biosimilar drugs, or launching drugs in pharmermeging countries. These trends might prevent public-private partnership with academic laboratories working on new molecular targets for angiogenesis blockade

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